Monday, August 24, 2015

An Inauspicious Beginning

I am not moving in my usual speed as another UTI has moved in for a visit.
I wanted to be upright for a while before the drive to the doctor's so I loaded the table runner top on the frame for a bit of light quilting. 
I have just a few detail stitching left to do. 
I joined a KAL for this sock pattern.  It is making good progress considering I had to tweak the pattern so I could knit it toe up!    I passed the heel and now it is time for bed!
Here's to the blessing of the antibiotic for my body.....


  1. Good golly woman....a UTI and quilting and a sock? Really? I mean, really? I didn't see any cape in your family portrait but I suspect you may be some kind of super hero. If I had a UTI the only thing I'd be able to post about for days was the cursed UTI. I HATE them.
    Feel better soon!

  2. Ugh! UTI... feel better. On the plus size your work looks great :)

  3. You are killing me. You have a UTI and you're doing "light quilting"?!? Really I feel so feeble next to you. Your Undine looks beautiful, but you're such an overachiever going toe-up! It all looks really good, but please, please get back to full strength ASAP. Though your speed full-strength is almost as terrifying.


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