Monday, August 31, 2015

Fitting In

We saw a rainbow on the way to church! 
This precious boy is thrilled with eating!  It is so wonderful to be here with the family and get  a real
picture of their lives! 
We needed to pit stop at Target for new sippy cups for Ella and saw Elsa!  She had to give her a kiss and then have a picture with her! 
If Kai isn't sitting on our shoulder or head, he has discovered his own 'palm' tree!  Too funny! 
I finished sock one of my Undine pattern!  It works better if you don't lose your way through the pattern! 
We did a craft today;  Ella liked the craft with Kai on her head but wasn't happy with me interrupting her creativity for  a picture!  
Tonight after Caleb got home from a long day t work, we put this 'princess' bed together for Ella!! 
She loves it!  (who wouldn't?!) 
She wanted Daddy to share it with her!  Well, we have determined the bed is well made anyway!
Time for the recliner and Undine sock number two!


  1. Your sock is beautiful! I love the greens. Daughter had a princess bed just like that once upon a time. Memories....

  2. Oh, our Ella!!! Did the bed hold any appeal at bedtime?!

  3. Oh, our Ella!!! Did the bed hold any appeal at bedtime?!

  4. Oh, our Ella!!! Did the bed hold any appeal at bedtime?!

  5. Your Undines look great. That's a wonderful color.

    Love the Princess Bed. I'm sure there will be many good dreams made upon that bed.

  6. Love your sock work. Love that BIRD~

  7. Look at the kid time. Fun! I love the "shade" that Ella is giving you. She is so obviously in the zone and you're interrupting her artistic process. hehe. I can't believe you are already on sock number 2 for Undine! I better get cracking!


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