Monday, August 3, 2015


The Hawthorne socks in Laurelhurst are finished!  They were set aside to knit the kids snuggle dolls but now they are on my feet!  I love the color! 
Millie's quilt number one is off the frame!  I only had 12" left to do but just couldn't get to it until today! 
I loaded her second quilt on, picked out a pantograph and got to work.  It was raining out and I had the usual Monday chores but I kept coming back to it all day. 
The panto was a nice primitive looking shape that covered 12" each row.  It was nice to motor through with the pretty purple thread! 
And somehow, it was onto the border and off the frame!  So nice to make the queue empty for a bit! 
None of the cats are impressed with rain, not to mention thunderstorms!  Nyki likes to help in the studio;  she asked me to hold her but I was standing at the frame or the dryer or the washer and wasn't in a sit down mode so she made herself a bit of a home! 
She gave me the 'look' when I took her picture!  "Sure, you have time for cameras but not for me!" 


  1. I think you had better go pet the kitty! LOL

    The purples in your quilt are gorgeous!!!

  2. Beautiful quilts...especially love the first one in every aspect!

    Oh, much attitude packed into one cat! Pet her head and tell her it's from me -- that should irritate her! :)

  3. Soo lovely! I love the colorway of the socks as well. But I'm really swooning over that purple quilt. That's a beauty! I love that your kitty came to you in the storm and then sort of just holed herself up with you to be near if she couldn't be held. But hey, a crafter has to craft ;)


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