Thursday, August 6, 2015

It's a Wrap...Almost

 I have been working every morning in the  studio completing the RSC2015 Quilt requirement for August! I cut a bunch and then I sew a bunch.  It works for me.
I finished the top row and then I sewed the two rows together;   
I found there were a LOT of seams that had to match so I had to resort to pins!  I don't usually use them but these rows have an intersection that must match every 4".  It was much easier to sew once I took the time to put the pins in first. 
I now have all of these rows sewn together!  It is actually the bottom of the rainbow! 
Here is the top...waiting for the orange row and the other side of the red will have brown and beige blocks! 
Here is the order from is a Felici Fix!  (and some Hawthorne Bare and some more superwash roving to dye and spin because I used up all the reserves during the TDF!) 

This is what I did with the first two balls of Felici!  Here's to many more!


  1. I can't even imagine all that is spectacular though.
    Your Knit Picks order is to die for. That's a pile of fun!

  2. The quilt just gets prettier and prettier!

  3. That quilt is going to be so beautiful!

  4. Wow!! Your RSC15 Quilt is turning out beautifully!!

  5. Wow!! Your RSC15 Quilt is turning out beautifully!!


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