Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I came back from my golf cart run to get the mail in the rain when I saw this! 
I couldn't believe there are four blooms on my Cereus Plant! 
This is going to go through an amazing amount of growth to fill out to deserve the nickname of Queen of the Night! 
Ahhh, the contentment that comes with a pair of self-striping socks on the needles!  These are just a pair of vanilla socks (no patterning;  just full out knit foot and ribbed legs) which just fly from the fingers to your feet in KnitPicks Felici in Glacier. ( I ordered a bunch!)


  1. Right now those blooms look like dead squid! Lol

    Gorgeous yarn -- looks like tropical waters to me!

  2. Oh.....the new Felici. Bellissima!

  3. Oh Felici...self striping sock yarn, it's like a siren. I see stripes I want to make stripes.

  4. Oh lucky YOU .......Cereus smells SO good when it blooms. Is it true it will only bloom on a full moon night?


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