Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Slow Times

This is a house by Lake Ontario that I saw the other day and forgot to include.  Isn't it just a fairy tale beauty?!   I have long admired it. 
Here are my four 'treasures' from the shore! 
We had fun with some tie-dye again!   
We did some 'frosting' of these glass candle holders-it is Elmer's glue and some food coloring painted on the glass! 
Mom and I are knitting little dolls from this booklet from knitting friend, Sharon!  It's just what we needed for using up those little balls of yarn......except we had to go to the store to buy 4 skeins of colors we didn't have!!!!  Doesn't it figure!


  1. I love that little striped rock. Nature sure does some pretty art. ;-)

    I love the "dyed" glassware too. That's pretty cool!

  2. Slow times? It looks to me like you've been crazy busy as usual!

  3. Lol on buying new yarn for your scrappy project --isn't that the way of it?!

    The candleholders turned out great! I have long been tempted by that idea but haven't talked to anyone who had actually tried it...now I know it really works!

    Savor your moments! <3

  4. So many cute and fun things. However that beautifully round rock is my favorite!

  5. The pocket pals are so charming! And oh, that round, smooth rock . . .


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