Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thought to Product

I have seen these cross shoulder 'pockets' for your cell phone and minimum wallet essentials for shopping, etc.  I just can't bear to carry a purse any more so this is one of my ideas that I took off the drawing board and gave it a try.
It has the taller pocket for my wallet, a pocket without a zipper between the zippered ones.
The cell phone goes in the bottom pocket.  It is comfortable and convenient. 
The fabrics are from fat quarters I collected on the Shop Hop Millie and I went to a few weeks ago.
I can't wait to make another because I now have another idea to make this much easier and sleeker! 
When I have ten minutes, I whip off a pair of these blocks.
It is a great quick way to have almost instant gratification when  I put in a load of laundry, then another when I move it to the dryer and another when it's time to pull it out for folding!
This is one of the perks of having the washer/dryer in my Studio! 
Bill spotted this guy in my Porterweed Bush (Knotweed Bush is another common name).
He called me to come on out and see something and it would be worth the effort to get up to see it! 
I had to admit;  it was an unusual sight!
An indigo snake hanging out waiting to catch a lizard for lunch.
If you approach on when on the ground, they take off very quickly.
This guy just gave me the glare but didn't move so I was able to take a picture of him!
Yes, it was worth getting up to see this!


  1. Oh no .....nope rope in the bush!!!!!!! LOL We have lots of snakes this year. I think the swamp is getting a bit too wet for them and they are heading for higher ground (i.e. my yard).

    The cross-body bag looks great. Can't wait to see what your "upgrade" is. Have fun sewing!

  2. Those bags are adorable. You are such a genius with fabric!
    I've never seen a snake in a bush before and I hope I never do in person. Yikes!

  3. luckily there are no snakes over here! I'd be worried to meet a poisonous one - and not seeing it before it strikes! and I like the look of your bag - but I can't stand cross-body ones myself. I need a small one just for walking the dogs (for treats more than anything:) - I am stuffing them in the back pockets of my jeans, but have washed some once or twice already - nice mess:) maybe with a shorter strap it could be a shoulder bag? I hope your UTI and eyes are better again?


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