Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Youngest son said he really misses having an afghan to cuddle under for a nap.
He has lots of quilts from me and from his wife's grandma but he forgot how nice a roomy afghan could be after napping after mine.
(I will admit, mine is a relic made when he was about 9 or 10 years old and he is now 30!)
Mom and I took that old one and figured out how it was made since I couldn't find the little pamphlet I used to make it!
After a bit of trial and error, we have the medallions in working order!
We bought 5 large skeins of Red Heart yarn which is good for afghans, split them up by winding up cakes for each of us to churn out these squares-I figure we each have 70-75 to make!
(The colors are all the colors the ocean appears and we bought sand for the color to crochet all the squares together at their completion!)


  1. Oh, I wish I were close enough to have been in the divvy-up -- I have been itching to crochet lately and it would be fun to contribute to a group project with a fun goal! Sigh. Ghar for you guys to enjoy this work-together time, though! (Caleb is thirty...that still makes me a giggle a little. 😊)

    1. "Ghar"????? That was supposed to be "glad." Sometimes autocorrect leaves me shaking my head...

  2. I always like the crochet ones because they were so thick!

  3. How neat that you will do it together! Love that!

  4. There is nothing better than a crocheted blankie. When I was a kid, my great grandma made us all one and mine disintegrated years ago. It's something about the weight that is so much better than a knitted blanket. I am finding that out about the crocheted shawl I was recently gifted. It's warmer and sits nicer on the shoulders than all my fancy shawls.

  5. He's going to ♥ it!!!!

  6. I love that he put in a request with such a fondness for the weight and feeling of a handmade afghan. I'm excited for everyone involved in your labor of love.

  7. I love that you reverse-engineered your existing blanket - great idea :) And I love the colours youve chosen


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