Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Stars and Striped

 The Cardinal Quilt was off the frame and I needed to load up another quick one and lighten the to-do pile!
This quilt was on and off the frame in a flash because I used a simple stipple pantograph!
 The binding is finished and it should be completed in no time!
While I was working in the Studio, Bill was painting that sheetrock and giving it some color to match.  The wall turned out great but the ceiling is too new looking-it sure doesn't take many years to yellow a kitchen ceiling;  I need to burn something and make some smoke! lol 
 When I was ready to sew on the binding, I didn't like the red after all!
I will wait and get some grey when I go to the store on Thursday.
As much as I want this finished, I don't want to make it less than it can be just to complete it!
I want to gift this to my daughter (shhhh!  don't tell her!) and I want it just right!
I am also adding a scrap block using the same LeMoyne star Accuquilt die as the center block of each row of the RSC2017 quilt.  I had to dig in the basket to find some scraps to make the purple blocks!
I'm glad the trash wasn't emptied in there so I could! 
 And then I cut out pieces for the 8 blocks I will make in the color-of-the-month, Sea Greens!
During Tuesday's knitting, I started a pair of shorty socks for Marsel in the same yarn I used for mine;  one nice thing about making these is that I will be able to get two pair from one big ball!
Does anyone else use the cardboard form with stats for making socks?
I have a new idea to try with these but more tomorrow on that!


  1. I've never used a form - but that's a great idea!

  2. Oooooh, your daughter will be sooo very excited when she finds out that she's is going to own the cardinal quilt!!!!!? But I won't tell her...

    Same with the socks. She must be spoiled...

    What is it about a star block that makes it so striking, in any color or pattern?!

  3. That's a great idea for socks. I need to make one for all the men. I can get the ladies in the family's size right but the men are always a problem.

  4. I love your cardboard stats idea!!! I can usually guess my own size and my family . Still I have been wrong and this looks easy enough. The quilt will be perfect. I admire your patience to get it right!!


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