Monday, January 23, 2017

Where to Begin....?

 Last week, Wonder Boy was here with his Mom and brother for a while!
I worked a bit on the afghan blocks but not too much else!
I call his one year old brother a Tornado-he runs and wreaks damage in his wake.
Hopeful this stage won't last too long!
 Wonder Boy likes the outdoors, every few hours he needs some one on one time outside-he is into climbing right now.  He turns me into a nail biter but I let him climb.  He needs it.
 The LeMoyne Star blocks are completed for the month!
Nice to see them lined up on the design wall!
 After they went home and I slept forever, I woke to some creative quiet time in the studio.
This little rocker was mine as a child and it needed a bit of repair so I gave it some glue and dowel to re-attach the rockers and armrests.
Nice to see it tighten up for some more good years of use!
I wish I could get a good fix like this for my joints, too! lol
I got that monkey off my back by finishing the last row and a half on the lighthouse quilt so I could take it off the frame and put the binding on.  
Sissy was grateful for the non-children home again so she came to help me sew.
Unfortunately, she weighs a LOT and her ballast wasn't helpful at all!
Maybe I will have the energy to finish it after I do dishes.........


  1. My 1 year old Grand is a tornado too. He could self destruct at any moment.
    Love that star quilt. I really admire those crisp points. Perfect!

  2. You can IF Sissy lets you! She looks pretty comfortable in her spot.

  3. Those cute grands need to move move move !!! Sissy looks like a master at comfort. Your crochet is lovely!!!

  4. I admire your quilting skills. Your squares are just so perfect.

  5. Love the little guy in the tree!

    The afghan is looking good too!

  6. I need to get a repair on a Windsor Chair. Hopefully Hubster can do it so I don't have to take it somewhere. Of course, I should wait until my Mom gives it to me when she down sizes!!! LOL Love those blocks!!!


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