Wednesday, January 18, 2017


 This was the scenery for our weekly gathering for knitting together yesterday. 
 Isn't it stunning?  
Her home nestles next to Lake Como and provided a wonderfully restful view for us from her living room!
This is my friend, Linda, my Mom and me!
We get together every week rotating homes and having a wonderful afternoon.
And became very silly when trying to take a selfie!
I did work on this-a sock out of Gumball colored KnitPicks Stroll.
I am using a new cuff of k3p1 which is not intuitive for me but I am sticking with it so that the leg looks like stockinette but has some hug of ribbing!


  1. That's a pretty great selfie!

  2. Pretty scenery, good company...ahhh! The sock ribbing is pretty and the colors are fun and playful; different color choice than is typical for you. Nice!

  3. It's so nice to have someone to knit with. It's the one thing I miss about work-knitting at lunch with my knitting teacher friends. Of course we didn't have a view like that!

  4. Im just loving that sock colorway! I got all excited because I am right near A lake COMO. Then I confirmed as I thought that you dont live in Wisconsin! Bwah. I think I'm hankering for a knit group. They can be such fun.

  5. That is a beautiful place to sit and knit. Looks like the three of you have a good time together.

  6. great view for knitting! And I love the sock colours!

  7. Miss a few days in your neck of the woods and you miss a bunch! Love the purple blocks, love the kitchen redo, and love the celebrations! Oh to be knitting in that lake spot! Instead of Indianapolis weather, no sunshine in 9 days!!!

  8. Not sure I have ever told you, but I really l enjoy your blog and appreciate you giving the names of the patterns you knit. I have bought several of the patterns off Rivalry and made them. I am way far from you out here in Long Beach, Ca. Keep up the good blogging. I too am a knitter, spinner, and quilter.


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