Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tweaking the Remodel!

 I have the shorty sock for Marsel....but the great idea for the heel area needs to go back to the drawing board.  The very reason the slip 1, knit 1 on alternating rows is used on the back of the heel is that it draws in and wears well.
 I forgot about the drawing in part......
also the rows on the stockinette front are longer than the slip stitch bottom areas;  strike two!
 And so because it draws in more and is shorter on the bottom, it affected the usual lengths I make for my daughter's socks.  I could stretch it to make it fit but it was not a great fit for me and so I know it is a reject for hers.
That's alright;  I will slowing increase stitches on the bottom needle so that will cover the drawing in.
I will be knitting with two circular needles so the slip 1, knit 1 area will be knit on number 3 needles and not the number 2 of the top.  
 I will also be knitting it a bit longer than usual before I begin the heel decreases so I know it will work.   I am leaving this sock as is for now and have already cast on and knit half of the foot-I'm that excited to try out my new ideas!
 We made good progress on the kitchen but discovered the water that had ruined the flooring in the first time, still sat under the padding.  The fan wasn't enough help so......
 we had to slice open the padding and pull it out so dry and completely dry the old floor, too.
The cupboards on the back wall were not there when we first laid the flooring so they were added ON TOP of the flooring-the men figured out how to work around that and today-
 the floor is finished, the stove and little cupboard restored and Bill even gave the louvred pantry doors a coat of paint!  
The tall cupboard is back next to the fridge but there is even a bit of surgery to do to that, also but it isn't for today!


  1. I am so glad your kitchen repair was a success! That looked like a lot of work. As for the sock drama, even though I am always knitting socks, reading about how it all works made my eyes go crossed. I never could figure out how to switch to toe up either. My head has one sock pattern in it and I guess I should be grateful for that.

  2. Pretty, pretty sock yarn and pretty, pretty kitchen - looks great (glad the majority is finished). Love the color of your walls.

  3. You're really making me want to abandon Dave socks adn cast on some shorties for myself!

  4. Keep at your socks. They are sooooo worth it ! Im working on my shorties now too on car rides.
    YOur paint and kitchen look great. You will be so glad you did that floor right! Maybe some wine to celebrate sooN??


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