Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Special Guest!

 On the way to the airport this morning, I reached the cast off point for my second improved sock so I ripped back on the first one to repeat the better ideas!
(I quit tonight after my long day and just couldn't finish that second one....)
 After collecting Elena, we headed north on the scenic route of A1A to South Beach Grill for lunch.
 And after lunch, we headed to the beach;  it's just what this central NY woman needed to blow the cobwebs of travel away!  (this is Elena, my best friend in NY;  we shared 18 years of life there- growing families and encouraging each other in the Lord and kept a long distance friendship while I have lived here for the last 10 years!  She always promised she would come and visit me when her kids were out of the house and her youngest two are now both in college!)
 We walked the intercoastal and on around under the Matanzas Bridge to the ocean.
The tide was out so we had lots of tidal pools and shells to inspect while catching up on each other's day to day life!
When we got home, we had a nice rain which ended with a double rainbow!
Since we have been way too dry lately, it was indeed a double blessing!


  1. Excited for you -- have a wonderful time together!

  2. She must be in heaven with your fabulous weather and that beautiful scenery!

  3. That second sock will get done yet! IT is too fun to stop. I love your friendship story and the DOUBLE rainbow is surely a sign.

  4. A beautiful day. I have a best friend like that and they truly are a blessing!

  5. What a lovely photo, you both look so happy :) Also LOVE your socks!

  6. There is nothing as comforting as an old friend!


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