Monday, February 27, 2017

Last Shelf

 The last of the homeless items from cleaning under the quilt frame.  These two printer's drawers hold vintage treasures that relate to sewing.
  The space over the east facing doors called for some decoration-
 Ahhh, just what it needed!
 I have lots of antique wooden spools and bobbins of cottons and silks.
The drawer on the left is for gadgets and thimbles.
Lots of room for additions!
 Mom came over late morning so we could put together the new patio table-Lena worked along side of us keeping the chair from getting in the way!
 The tile table is just what we have been looking for!
This one will seat 6 so there will be enough room for family now!
After a bit of help from the men, we have a new gathering area for the pool patio!
Now if only some family came for a visit!


  1. I'm sure we could find somebody to accommodate you... 😉

    Beautiful improvements!

  2. Looks great! I am more than ready for pool weather!!

  3. I am beginning to think about my tiny bedroom porch and some seats for there. Tis the season!! Love your new seating !!

  4. Home improvement! You are certainly an expert. We lost our big umbrella to the wind a few weeks ago so my deck is looking pretty bare. It was such a mild winter I never put it away and now I'm sorry. At least the glass table didn't get broken.

  5. Your room and your patio both look wonderful and inviting. I'll be right over!

  6. haha - oh Lena!

    (i showed my Mom your bins from the other day... I think she's heading out to get some!)


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