Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Start

This month's color for February is sea greens.
I cut out my scrappy center block and all eight of the traditional LeMoyne star blocks for this month.
One block done and enough to keep me busy throughout the month! 
I bought the binding fabric and assembled the ingredients to finish it today!
I am thinking of adding a black bead for eyes on the birds.  
I like the clean lines of the wall hanging!
I will be giving it to my daughter-always nice to make a gift! 
While I was trudging along with the crochet blocks, I enjoyed a rare visit from the King of this Lion pride, PuffDaddy.
I even had Lena on my lap at the time and he still came for a good petting.
And ten he gave my yarn a good kneading.........
And I realized I didn't post a completed picture of the Liberty quilt~
just to prove I put the binding on and washed and dried it!


  1. Sigh, to have your ability to make perfect points. I can only dream....

  2. Several shades of SEA GREEN in your post! From quilt block to pillows to yarn. Happy quilting!!

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwww...Puff Daddy is a handsome guy!

    Giroux is a kneader too, but he prefers this ugly cotton blanket we keep at the foot of the bed. So far, he hasn't tried to knead yarn.

    I ♥ love the colors in your February quilt block. Lovely.

  4. Great start. Looks like you have everything organized and ready to go.

  5. What a beautiful block! Love the colors!

  6. Very pretty greens!

    And what a handsome kitty!

  7. The cardinals are gorgeous! The star block is so striking, and I love the variations amongst the different shades of green.

    And hello to Puffers! It's nice to see him -- it has been a while!

  8. He's beautiful. Yarn kneeding would never work here. Fezzik runs with it in his mouth. LOVES the game . I hide and watch my WIPS very very closely!


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