Wednesday, February 22, 2017

And the Bear Beat Goes On!

 I am using up my orphan skeins of 'chunky' yarns for baby hats-they are quick and easy and almost instant gratification.
Sometimes life isn't gratifying because circumstances get a bit overwhelming;
there is calm in knitting.  
These baby hats will go to my local hospital which leads to a   
 much more constructive action than worry.
 Mom finished her gifted quilt kit so it is all ready for me to load up on the frame and turn it into a                                                                                     quilt!
 Mom and I had to have an early start to our day;  we had to drive Lean to the vet for spaying. 
 And because the vet is halfway to JoAnns, we went there to buy some more yarn because we ran out with just half of the last row of the border to finish.  And we stopped at WalMart to buy these storage units because I told you I was in a Spring Cleaning Mode!  More on this tomorrow.  
We had to take Mom's car because mine has a dead starter. 
 And Bill has the flu so he can't fix the car right now like he always does.  
Yes, these circumstances are only part of the beat drumming on at my house....
Lena reacted to the surgery the same way I do-
she just couldn't wake up and when she finally did at 9pm tonight, 
she was terribly wonky and discombobulated!
But it is so nice to have her back here;  the house was very empty without her.
And I am writing this with a whisper because I have laryngitis!
At least I won't get the flu; 
after all, I did get the flu vaccine.........right!?
What a day.


  1. Sending good wishes for healing to you, Bill AND Lena! I'm sure she will bounce back quickly. Hoping the same for you and Bill.

    That little teddy hat is toooooo cute!

  2. Oh, no...what a day! I hope all are on the mend and that flu bug stays away from you. Daddio's nursing home had an epidemic a few weeks ago and they gave him another shot to be safe. He didn't get the flu but he did end up with pneumonia. Go figure.

  3. Hope Lena wakes up feeling somewhat perky this morning... your household could use some perky!

    Can't wait to see the quilt in all its glory.

  4. I agree with you wholeheartedly ! Knitting calms and excites me. Soothes and relaxes me. Glad kitty is A OK. Feel better. !!!!

  5. I've got one of those draw bins in my craft room - one of the best things I ever bought. I does need to be cleaned out and reorganized though.

  6. Poor little kitty with the surgery. Hope she is feeling better. I love that you can do so much with your Mom. You are going to be so organized!


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