Friday, February 3, 2017

Broken Pieces and Stuffing!

 This morning after the daily chores, I started to watercolor my latest drawing, a robin.
I hadn't gotten very far into the background when Lena jumped up and...
She flipped the plate I use for a painting palette!
There goes my quiet moment.
Good thing I love that little cougar! lol 
 My neighbor's little grand daughter needed a pillow for naptime at school.
I told her to pick out some fabric from Grandma's stash and I would make her one.
She loves pink and purple-she picked out a good print!
 I put a zipper in so the cover could be removed, and I stitched her name on the back in the design line so it is 'named' as required by the school!

 I made a simple stuffed muslin pillow form for inside;  this way if somehow the pillow outside gets dirty or sticky, it won't be a big deal for Grandma to wash it! lol
AND I loaded this quilt on for a second time because I had forgotten to piece the back with the extra two circle blocks.  Then I loaded it a third time when I put that said backing on the frame upside down!  Rookie mistake so I have no excuse!
Needless to say, it is now ready for me to work on it!  At last!


  1. Well, at least that post was still more construction than destruction, no thanks to Lena or to the bad quilting fairies! 😊

  2. Oh, poor plate. I'm sure that scared poor Lena.

    The pillow turned out beautiful! That little girl will have the prettiest nap pillow in the class.

  3. Oh, no. Poor kitty must have had quite the surprise. The pillow is adorable and just look at all those perfect seems. You do such beautiful work.

  4. Oops. I know we have our share of kitty mishaps too. Sorry.
    You are so sweet to make that nap pillow for neighbor. The colors are beautiful. Any little girl would hug it tight


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