Friday, February 24, 2017

Crochet Completion!

When Mom and I went to buy the bins the other day, this was the real reason we went shopping was to buy the additional skein of yarn needed to finish the afghan for Caleb!
We only had to go around a little bit but still needed the whole skein to finish the job! 
(This yarn has the durability of the regular Red Heart super saver skeins but without the harshness of that yarn.  Of course, the cost is double.)
 As soon as it went on my lap to complete the last round, Lena came to claim the center of the afghan.
As every good cat human knows, I worked around her no matter how inconvenient it was!
 Once I worked the rest of that last round of single crochet, it still didn't look finished to me.
The addition of backward crochet was just the look I wanted!
Turning the pile of yarn around again was quite the feat!
 Someone had a very good nap tucked in all that loveliness.
 And now the Ocean Moods Afghan is done in time to give to Caleb tonight when they come for the weekend~
Each crocheted block measures 6" and we made it 9 blocks across (54+") and 12 down (76+")
It required the better part of 13 skeins.
Consider the debt paid, my dear son!


  1. It turned out beautifully. And all thanks to the help of feline quality control!

  2. That is BEAUTIFUL --------A bit of beige sand in a whole SEA of blue! PERFECT!

    Lena is so sweet. You lucked out in the personality department.

  3. Yes, that edging is perfect!!! Good call! Makes me happy that Lena and I did that same dance together under that afghan. :)

  4. Gorgeous and Im so happy you get Caleb time this weekend. !!!

  5. Gorgeous! And done so quickly. It would have taken me years (and years and years).

  6. IT looks so beautiful, well done. Glad you had help from Lena.


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