Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Shorty Sock II

I introduced Elena to KNIT TIME with Mom and Linda today, even though she is not a knitter!
While there, I finished the pair of shorty socks with the reinforced heel bottoms which will give the extra cushioning on the bottom of the heel for these shorty socks for my daughter where she always wears a hole.
You can see the slight difference where I used the slip stitch patterning usually found on the back of the heel to solve the problem! 
I only used the patterning on the center 14 stitches and did short rows to lengthen the area because it was also shorter than the stitches on either side.  
As soon as I had it down, I ripped out the first sock and got to work!
Today during knitting time I bound off and now have the third pair of socks for 2017.
I then moved on to some shawl knitting!   I hope to have this off the needles and on to the blocking board soon!


  1. And you're already at warp speed for 2017! 😃

  2. Third pair? are really cranking them out!

  3. I have found that even non-knitters enjoy knit group!!! LOL

    The socks look great. I was watching a podcast and I heard for the first time about reinforcing the bottom of socks. Such a good idea.

  4. I totally see the difference in the thinner heel flap, but I missed out on why?

  5. Stooooooooooooooop! you're making me want to cast on a shorty pair right now!!!

  6. Such a clever adjustment! Enjoy your time with your friend!


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