Saturday, February 25, 2017

It's Good to be Shelved!

 Bill finally had a little energy and helped me put up the shelf over the design wall in the studio.
 All of my antique sewing treasures are back in the proper honoring display instead of in the bin.
 It is such a nice visual reminder of my rich sewing/quilting history, too.
 Now I have to put up these two old printing drawer treasures so I can display all my old wooden spools of thread in one and thimbles in the other.
They are going over the sliding glass door on the other end of my studio.
I am going to need help from Bill for this, too.
But first, I am off to art class-sitting by myself so I don't cough on anyone and then back home to bed!
Since I can't talk anyway, it will be a good study time for me!
(It is part two of the architecture lesson or I wouldn't be going!!!!) 


  1. You have really been busy this week! Your quilting room is really taking shape and so organized. You have a very nice design wall.

  2. are really transforming your space. Feel better soon!

  3. Decluttered, organized, and now the pretties displayed -- success!

  4. I love the shelf! i love the bag in the middle!

  5. LOVE your shelf! Good job, Bill. I love my treasures to be displayed that way as well. Someday...

  6. That is a great design wall - so much space! Sounds like you've been busy in your studio!

  7. How marvellous to have your sewing treasures on display like that. I really like the design you've chosen for your RSC blocks.

  8. I really like what you've got going on the design wall and fully understand your missing of that shelf. I want one over my window, but it hasn't happened yet!!


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