Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Color in the Yard

 These azaleas are very early this year and several yards are already past peak but mine are in full bloom with several weeks of buds still to come!
 Heading up my driveway is a visual delight!
 We've never seen the calliandra still in bloom this time of the year, usually the January frost has killed the blooms.  It is a beautiful bush just at the end of my front porch. 
 The camillias are hanging in there though they are past prime and yet each bush has at least 18 flowers still!
The cassia has stopped flowering in my front yard but the bush way out back is still blooming!
This is really able to be stood up for a tree and Bill has some trimming and staking planned for this to improve its shape.
 You will need a scratch and sniff for this photo!
Oh, there is nothing like a citrus bloom for inhaling a smile!
 Look at this!
A mulberry;  and the first one of the year which was eaten right after this picture!
I don't know what this wild flower is, it sure makes a very pretty showing in random clumps throughout the back meadow.
It does me good to take a golf cart ride when I am color-hunting!


  1. Lots of beautiful color at your house.

    I loved mulberries when I was a kid. I know they made quite a mess when the berries dropped, but they sure were tasty!

  2. I don't have near as many flowers as you and my azaleas are past their prime now. Seems like they were here for such a short time this year.

  3. Oh, wow!! We were on a roll here with blooms and then the storm came on Saturday and the hail crushed them all. My crocus are toast.

  4. Oh no, as I read this post I realized that I forgot to smell the citrus blooms while I was there! :(

    I enjoyed this post anyway -- beautiful!

  5. Beautiful! It will be at least another month before I see anything in bloom here.
    Those azaleas are just WOW!

  6. Keep those colors coming. We are snowy here and not a bloom or a blossom in sight for weeks!


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