Friday, January 6, 2017

Stocking up for Winter!

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to help a knitting friend clean out her Etsy stock so they can refresh it, I succumbed to a yarn order! 
Check out their store for some wonderful yarn!
 This one for the sheer joy of knitting with the cashmere!
 This skein because I love the colors!
 Isn't this the cleverest little package?  They are a number of little balls to use when knitting scrap yarn socks or the sock blankets!
 See how it will add to the palette of scraps I have!
 This is all that I have on my little lap blanket;  I wanted Araignee to see I wear crocs, too! lol
I like do it and the extra yarns are going to be added to the mix I have so that it will stretch out the colors!
(I use a 40 stitch total row to begin my squares and attach as I knit)
And there is an adorable kitty paw print stitch marker!!
That is a wonderful bonus of customer service!
And this is the main attraction to my day-Boy Wonder and his wonderful 'Ideas!"


  1. Love your new stash additions. You really got some nice things. That pack of minis is adorable.
    As for that little man, I know that train track so well. My 4 year old Grand has the same one and he loves it. Drives me crazy though because I can't ever put it back together right.

  2. I'm laughing because I was looking at Val's etsy site and was drooling over the Cat Nip Fun Pack AND the Wanna Be a Cowboy yarn. I think I need to place an order very soon.

  3. It was so nice of you to get some yarn just out of the goodness of your heart, just to help a friend! 😁 It's very pretty.

    I'm sure Will liked blocking you in with his train track!

  4. You picked some good ones! You're going to love the Twisted Top Cat.... sooooo soft!

  5. He looks quite proud of his "elevated" train.

    Little Lena is adorable as always.

  6. Adorable little guy! And stop with the yarn show, I am trying to be good this year!!!

  7. I can't' decide if I'm mad or relieved that I didn't know about the Wandering Cat sale. It's probably a good thing.
    Such a darling boy!

  8. Lovely yarn purchase! Looking forward to seeing your plans for the RSC.


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