Wednesday, March 1, 2017

First FO of the Month

 Mom's Patriots Quilt from Connecting Threads is finished.
 I did a subtle star and ribbon pantograph.
 I will admit that we spent a relaxing time in the pool this afternoon!
The extra sunny days (89F) and the mild nights (61F) make the pool water temperatures (88F)
 climb finally!
We covered the pool last night and wished it warm thoughts until tomorrow!
And the sunset bodes well for tomorrow!


  1. I'd give anything for your weather! We've dropped below freezing again!

  2. Love the star quilting.....too cute!

    I am amazed that you can get in your pool already! I'm guessing the pool cover really helps.

    I won't get in our pool right now. Too cold, but there are people that swim in it every day and did all through the winter. It is NOT a heated pool.

  3. I too want your weather. We have snow flakes this morning. I love the pool and the cat around it.
    Im thrilled for yoU!!! Keep those encouraging warm photos coming.

  4. The quilt is a beautiful work of art, and that writing motif is perfect for it!

    Tell the pool to work on 92° for me! 😀

  5. Quilting motif, not writing motif...Sigh.

  6. Your quilt is just beautiful. And how lovey to be outdoors.

  7. I used that material for our Star Spangled Baby's first quilt. He was born in July. I love how you quilted it. Those stars are perfect.
    Your pool looks like heaven. It got cold here again. I don't mind usually but I do miss being able to go out on the deck with the fiber mess.

  8. lovely quilt, I like the spiky stars! and I wouldn't need very high temperatures yet, just a little bit more and no rain would do it for me; I am not too fussy:) no need to build a pool here - if it keeps on raining we'll have a natural lake forming soon:) the cat looks like she's contemplating a walk - on water?:)

  9. I have not set foot in my pool yet and I think I am farther south than you. I am a baby that way. Beautiful quilt.


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