Friday, March 3, 2017

Quilt Week-Daytona's Quilt Show

Our second annual trip to the quilt show was today! 
 It is held in a beautiful convention center and the space is huge and filled with everything quilt lovely!
 Most of the quilts were in camera-free zones but we did have to do the selfie again this year!
Last year the main thing that struck us was the occurrence of many medallion quilts;  this year the recurring theme was to me-Hunter Star blocks!  I saw them large and miniature and tucked in sample quilts-since it is the most recent Accuquilt die I have purchased, I can't wait to put it to use!
 I bought a few things-a pattern using a different paper piecing technique and a kitty inspired charm pack.
Oh, and I brought home this little portable sewing machine I have been eyeing online;  it was on show-sale pricing and I couldn't resist!
It weighs less than half my studio sewing machine!
It will be so much easier to take to classes or to Mom's for sewing days!
What a great blessing to have such an adventure with my Mom and to love being with her!


  1. So awesome that you can enjoy this stuff with your mom. Enjoy! Make memories. They will last a lifetime. Love the new sewing machine.

  2. What a fun glad you could do it together! "Meow or Never" -- that's great!

  3. I've always wanted to go to a quilt show. That one looks amazing!

  4. Argh!! I could have been there. If only I had known I would have flown down for a fews days. My sister just flew in yesterday to join my parents. I've got to get a handle on fun things to do in Daytona and keep a calendar. I usually end up looking once we get there, better to start planning trips around events!

  5. I bet it was fantastic. Great job scoring that machine. Hugs.


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