Sunday, August 20, 2017

Calico Kitty Socks

 I put the final stitches on the first of this pair of Tuxie Love socks while the boys enjoyed some 'play in the mud' time at the pond!
 See what all our seasonal rain has done-filled the pond back up like it should be!
 The Pampas Grass is in bloom-it does mean Fall is on its way!
Each of the fronds is beautiful bobbing bloom!


  1. Little boys and mud . . . a match made in heaven. LOL

    Love the tuxie calico sock.

  2. I enjoyed playing in the mud when I was their age, too. I loved to feel the mud squishing between my toes.

    The sock looks fabulous- nice job.

  3. Cute kitty sock! I haven't seen pampas grass in forever. I used to play in when I was little in a neighbor's yard. It was a good place to hide if you were careful with it.

  4. Hard to believe that's the same grass that was pathetic, scrawny little clumps so many years ago! It's very majestic-looking now. The pond looks great, too!

    Abigail is going to go nuts over those socks...!

  5. I LOVE your tuxie love socks. WOW you knit a perfect fit

  6. Lovely space! Lovely pond! This may be a silly question, but do you ever have to worry about alligators in your pond?

  7. Great socks and love the pampas grass. I'd be thinking of snakes by that pond....

  8. Your pond is lovely. I am scared to death of alligators and water moccasins so no pond play here!


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