Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Ups and Downs!

 The eclipse was a complete washout for us;  we were so disappointed not to even get a glimpse of things because the thunder/lightening storms were so fierce!
 But when the evening mail came-I had a package of joy!  My swap package came from Debbie of Araignees Tangled Web!  Not only were the towel and pot holders beautiful, they were in the colors that make my heart sing!   The cards and notes and the soap are always a hit!   How nice to have such generosity in a swap!
 Yesterday I woke up with pink eye-I thought it was appropriate they put me in the pink room!!!   I sat and knitted for almost two hours.  Good thing for knitting!
Home gave me a bit of time to do this-a different kind of quilting for me but it is working out!   I wanted to quilt bee hives in the plain blocks so I drew one and cut around it to make template and then use the air erasable pen to trace it on my blocks-it is working well.   I put bees and fleur de lis in the corners.  (Napoleons idea of bee representational art work!)


  1. Oh, my gosh...that bee quilt is just adorable!!!

  2. It was clear her, but our eclipse was only about 70% so it didn't really make much difference to the light. I mostly checked out other's photos from facebook.

  3. At least you didn't drive hundreds of miles to not be able to see the eclipse. Nature can be uncooperative.

    Sorry to hear about the pink eye - not fun. Love the bee hives you're quilting!

  4. What a fun swap package!! And that bee quilt is just such fun. sorry about pink eye...I know that is NOT fun.

  5. I didn't even have to read the words and I knew that swap package HAD to be from Debbie! What a neat swap.

    Your quilt is gorgeous ... love the bees and hives!

  6. Great swap partner in Deb. ALways! Love her towels so much and her cards. Glad you enjoyed being part of our summer swap.

  7. Deb did a great job!
    I am so impressed with your free-motion stitching. I tried it once -- enough to discover that it's very hard. But I'll keep trying.

  8. That Beehive is adorable! Hope your eye is better soon.

  9. "Boo" about the eclipse, but the rest of the things are nice! Love the beehives!


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