Monday, August 14, 2017

Let's Catch Up!

There is nothing like travel and company to rearrange blogging life!
Let's catch up is right!
 Here is a collage of all the hand work Mom and I accomplished!
 And here is the reason for the visit!  
There is nothing like some one on one time.
 And meeting the youngest member of the family was just a special bonus!
On the flight home, I worked on a new Tuxie Love pair of socks.  
This one is for my grand daughter for her Calico cat! 
 Knit in Wandering Cat Yarns in the Dramatique colorway, Alley Cat base.
 While I was gone, lightening struck this palm right next to our garage
 and caused quite a stir in the household!   
Smoke alarms started screaming 'Fire!' and children and adults ran to comfort and assess.....well, you can only imagine!
Florida isn't called the lightening capital of the world for nothing!
While there wasn't any structural damage or fire, 
it did mess with appliances-
it blew the internet (router fried), it blew the dish for tv (black box and roof dish), the dryer works but blew the timer, the water filtering system lost it's brains (replaceable at least) and it blew the alternator on my vehicle parked in the garage. 
 Our last home was hit three times with lightening! 
 I had felt we were safe here.........reality can be painful! 
 We are replacing and repairing everything at this point! 
 So thankful for  handy husband!  
I will mention that AT &T sent a new router overnight 
but Dish wasn't interested in any timeliness 
and made everyone wait a week for a technician. 
 Not great customer service by ph or email either.
  Boo to you Dish!
 It was great to be home and see everyone again!  
My youngest son and family came for a visit to pick up some things we had stored for them (and to see their GA loves before they left!)
 On Sat morning,  daughter-in-law and I managed a painting outing 
and produced these!
and mine!  
How fun to laugh and create and enjoy some quiet together!
On to my normal life again.......


  1. My goodness you look fantastic. You have a waist!!! So good to see your family photos. Love the orange and green dishcloth.
    So very sorry for your lightening strike and the consequences. YIKES.
    Customer service has gone awry in so many ways. Verizon could not care less that we drop calls like crazy here in summer because: increase population during seasonal times. Too bad for us apparently . Great customer service: and Simplysocks yarn company.

  2. Love seeing all you and your Mom created. and the paintings - what fun. Yikes to the lightening. Glad everyone is ok.

  3. All sounds good - except for that lightning! Yikes. I used to work a dog kennel. It was on the owners property and they lived in a century home. I showed up for work one morning and their chimney was scattered all over the roadway that led to the kennel building. Turn out it got struck by lighting in the storm that night and the bricks just exploded!

    LOVE your paintings!

  4. Your projects look great! As much as it is fun to travel, doesn't it feel GOOD to be home again? I always feel that way. LOL

    Sorry to hear about the lightning strike. Thankfully, nothing burned and in time all will be fixed. We've had some crazy lightning over this way too.

    Hope everything is back to normal soon and you can craft without any worries.

  5. Lightning is dangerous and destructive. I glad no one was injured - only things.

    I love all the projects that you and your Mom created.

  6. This is a very nice wrap-up of your adventure! Already feels like ages since we were there. The watercolors are beautiful!

  7. Oh, no, lightning is so destructive. We had that happen a few years back and we lost the TV and the all the internet stuff. What a pain not to mention the cost. It looks like your trip was a success though. Lots of great projects. Your parents are just adorable and that baby...what a cutie!

  8. We have been hit before and had power surges that have left almost all of our appliances broken. Living in Florida is not for faint of heart that is for sure. Your trip sounds wonderful.


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