Sunday, August 6, 2017

Socks and Such

 Socks off the needles and on the feet-for my sister! 
 The yarn gifted to me without labels;  
I know I've knitted with it before but still can't remember the specifics!
I knit this over 64 stitches on 2.50mm needles with varying cable needles! lol
I knit this basic dishcloth with the RedHeartScrubby yarn in Cotton this time.
It has a ....well, cottony feel over the polyester version.
Makes it good for either the kitchen or bath!


  1. I almost picked up that scrubby stuff on Friday but thought better of it when I looked at the price. Now I want some.
    Isn't it great to make socks for other people's feet? I wish I had more to knit for. My sock drawer is too full but I just can't stop knitting them.

  2. I didn't realize the Scrubby yarn came in cotton - must search for it.

    The socks look fabulous!

  3. I've knit with that sock yarn too. Could it be a KnitPicks yarn?

    I haven't tried the scrubby yarn yet. It looks like it would be hard on your hands. But, the cloth turned out cute. It might be WORTH it. LOL

  4. I used that yarn years ago. The socks held up really well. Great finishes lady! I felt like I need to finish something this week. I did and I felt so good afterwards

  5. I hope Aunt Con smiles every time she sees those lollipop-stick cables! :)

    The scrubby yarn is surprisingly fun to knit, I think. Pretty!

  6. Great socks. And that scrubby cloth - I'm not sure I want to knit with that stuff. Is it hard on your hands? And how does the cloth work in the shower or in the sink? I'm curious...


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