Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We have doors and windows.........mostly. Two sliding glassdoors are still AWOL but that is Home Depot's fault , not the contractors! The men packed up and left for the last time today. We will miss their cheerful banter-they have done a superb job.
Mom and I had adventures today. We went and had a tour at a sheep farm. I bought some Florida Native sheep fleece-raw and unwashed, right off the sheep---it will be a bit of work to get it ready to spin but I wanted to try it. It was wonderful to have Mom with me to explore and appreciate the new sights. We did some shopping and bought some more tablerunner fabric-we just had too much fun to quit at one each! More on that on Friday.

I washed a bit of the wool and dried it ( love that Florida sunshine) so I could hurry and card some of the wool to see how it would feel.........I am on to something good is all I can say! This yarn is very springy and will be used for lots of socks!
When we got home, we had the privilege to go next door and bottle feed the triplets. They were so cute and cooperative! It was Mom's first time feeding a baby goat-you would think she has been doing it forever-it was so much fun!
After feeding, they were ready for a nap but we carried them back out to their mama. She watches the house until they are back with her.
And this is Mom's namesake-with so many goats, Millie (my neighbor) runs out of name's so with Mom's visit-she got the honor of a goat named for her! Aren't the two Janettes sweet?!
The felted bowl is coming along; I will finish knitting it tonight. It will not get felted until Friday 'cuz tomorrow we are going to take a trip to visit Caleb-my parents want to see where he is living now. Bill is glad for a break from the work schedule-glad to accomodate him!


  1. I'm glad you had lots of fun to counter saying goodbye to the guys -- I didn't realize they were that close to the end of their stuff there!

    Tell Grandma I said congratulations on having a namesake but that I am also very relieved to see no similarity other than the shared name. :)

  2. Those look strangely like double pointed needles knitting that bowl. The goats look so cute in their play pen and being snuggled and fed.

  3. The contractors have finished? Already? Wow! that was fast!


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