Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Trip for Lunch

I finished my two tablerunners! I did do them both by machine and I sure did better on the second one than on the first. I will use that technique again on small items.

This was our view while we had lunch at a restaurant in DeLand, The Mainstreet Grill. It is below ground level which is so unusual here in Florida! We walked the downtown area, window shopped mostly but went into the Quilt Shop of DeLand which was a treat in every respect! I bought a fall leaf charm pack and Mom bought thread and a seam press-they used to be wooden but are now a resin material. We also went in an antique shop and a book store. While we were having a sitdown on a park bench, we saw a lady go by with an icecream cone and so off we went to find the source! Success! An icecream was enjoyed by all.

Isn't the mural beautiful?! Water cascades down the face of it into a pool at the base-it was so relaxing. What a perfect day!


  1. It is lovely -- looks like another nice together-day.

    The tablerunners turned out great -- good motivation for me to get cracking on mine!

  2. Is that Bill? I thought he had a beard! Am I going mad or something?

    That mural is amazing - lovely colours.


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