Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Slow but Steady

 As soon as I finished this windmill top, I laid it out on the floor for my TA-Da!  Nyki instantly claimed it but I could see an Oh,No! instead.
 Somehow, when I arranged it for sewing I goofed on the same row on all four corners.....nothing to do but rip out and resew!  At least I could do it while sitting down.
 Corrected and bordered!  A good project that was started when Mom and Dad were here for the winter!
 I had a few blocks left over and so I added them to the backing for a bit of punch.  It is now in the quilting queue.
 I hung the serger thread racks..........arranged rainbow-ish for my daughter.
I saw these large recycled glass beads at my friend , Sandy's, on a recent visit and asked to borrow it for an experiment.  Yup, I have a new line of support spindles I am going to make.......soon to be offered for sale.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Sorry, I had to delete my last comment due to a glaring spelling error that changed the meaning of the whole sentence!

    Can you make a video on how to use a supported spindle that somehow transfers instant skill to me? LOL

    You are keeping very busy for someone who is supposed to be resting!

  3. LOL!! I love to look on Nyki's face! The quilt is awesome

  4. "What mistake, Mom? How about you rub the belly and forget that you saw it?"

    So you have a good friend named Sandy, too.

  5. Glad to see you are enjoying your "down" time. Sharon

  6. looks like Nyki is covering up any mistakes nicely - she doesn't seem to care at all:) the spindles look interesting - I like spindle spinning, but I am not very good at using supported spindles... maybe I should practice more? but then how do I use wheel and spindle at the same time?:)

  7. Thank you for the rainbow order -- you made me smile!

    The quilt is lovely. Countdown until I am there to share it all in person! :-D


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