Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Welcoming!

A million more pictures will follow but join me in welcoming little Aria Noelle to our family!  (All 7 pounds and 19" of her.  )  She made her entrance into the world this morning amid a flurry of prayers, tears, phone calls and texts!  How grateful I am for technology that cushions the crevasse of a thousand plus miles and a God so big that nothing can separate me from Him!
I spun this month's fiber to help calm my emotions!  This is Eri silk; the most pleasurable silk I have worked with to date.  I will be purchasing some more of this fiber.  If you have tried Tussah silk and didn't have a great spinning experience, give this a try!  You will still need a high spinning ratio but it is not a struggle to get it on the bobbin or when plying.  What a nice momento of this memorable day!

(Bill took me to the doctors this morning and now that I am on medicine, I am going to make a great leap to health so I can fly out to hold the newest granddaughter next week!)


  1. She looks so small but she was a good size!

    Congratulations to the proud parents and grandparents. Welcome little Aria Noel -- you are part of a wonderful family.

  2. congratulations--bet you can't wait to spoil her. Enjoy the special time with your family!! Sharon

  3. congratulations! the last few days and hours of waiting are the worst, I think - but what a joy, when the new family member is "home"! all the best to the baby, the parents - and of course the new grandparents:) and get better soon, so that you can hold her!

  4. Congratulations on your new family member. There is something just so magical about new life! Welcome to the world, Aria Noel.

  5. Look at that adorable wee baby! And the very proud papa.

    Now I want to get my Eri silk spun up.


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