Friday, August 24, 2012

Socializing and Light Travel

 Yesterday, we did a little change out in the pool area gardens-I didn't like the vine we had planted in there-it just grew too much and took over the area so I couldn't see anything else. 
 Bill pulled them up and planted these New Guinea Impatiens and it adds just the right height and color !
The afternoon rains came in a bit early just as we finished the plants so we had to move inside.  I finished up the new skein of yarn-this is so soft and snuggly!  It will be even more so with a new grand daughter inside of it!  This sweater is for the FL baby.
 We were still waiting on our guest to arrive, so I ripped out the sleeve caps on this sweater I made in March and lengthened them with the left over yarn.  Now it is just right!
 We had a great visit with other National Grid retirees that have moved to Florida-it was a great visit for us ladies while the men rehashed work stories.  We had a great lunch at Corky Bells and the storm let up enough for us to walk the pier and get a picture!  The baby gator was  not to be found unfortunately, probably hiding from the thunder!  Thanks for stopping in, we look forward to returning the visit next month!
 Today, we ran some errands in Daytona and visited the ocean, of course.   The combination of temperature (mid 80's and breeze-warm tropical) was just perfect.  Hard to believe they are having a hurricane just a measly 1,000 miles southeast of us!
 This was my car ride knitting-the second Quant!  I need to kick this project to the front of the line and get it mailed to NY in time for soccer season!
 When we got home, I crashed by the pool with my Kindle and Bill headed out to unwind on his tractor.  This week he has been laying old railroad ties along the edge of our neighbors driveway (the right of way for the driveway is on our property so Bill takes care of its upkeep).  We have had so much rain this summer and the driveway keeps washing away into the road.   Bill has graded it, added the rails for drainage along the low side and will top it off with some of the wood chips which FPL (the power company) dumps out back for us.  (They need to get rid of all the wood chips when they trim back trees all summer and we enjoy getting to use all the wood chips for our yard-a perfect arrangement for both parties!)
While I was watching Bill work, I saw this pretty wild flower-it looks like it is in the Echinasea family. 
I am hoping tonight is the night for Jared and Krystle to become parents in spite of the moon being only half full! 


  1. What a nice week!

    We are rooting for Aria to join the outside world, too -- we're not feeling patient anymore! :)

  2. looks like you had a nice few days! pressing thumbs that you're going to be a grandmother again very soon:) and I wish I'd have some of the wood chips - nothing like that out here, only in small bags with huge price tags in the garden center:(


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