Saturday, August 25, 2012

Finishing Up!

 I set to work in the sewing room to finish the projects that were in varying degrees of progress just lacking a supply or two. Because we took the trip to JoAnns yesterday, I now  had all the supplies I needed to finishing them up!
 I have two grandkids who will be putting these to use soon.....two Kindle covers.
 Binding applied and hand sewn to the back of the baby quilt-I placed this over Nyki's feather by mistake for the picture; boy, did she let me know it! 
 I appliqued , ribbed and snapped the baby nighties into completion!  These are made of knit fabric left over from the crib sheets!  Fun , huh?!
 They are in the 'going to Washington' pile.  I also made a nursing cape for Krystle out of the same fabric she is using in her nursery.  One nice thing about buying from a chain store-all the way across the country and I could find the matching fabric!
And I used the newly purchased ribbon to finish the booties and hanky/bonnet for the east coast  grand daughter!
I read a post on Craftzine I wanted to try- making a business card holder and because I had a little paper left over, I made a little sewing kit, too.  These will go in the random gift pile.

All in all a good day in the sewing room!


  1. That's a lot of pretty finishes! I can hardly wait to get to about you?!

  2. Busy, busy, busy!

    Lovely items all around

  3. You are one handy woman!

    I love the Kindle covers, especially the fabric on the right one.

    You must be getting antsy to get to Washington.


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