Saturday, August 18, 2012

Making the Most of our Time!

 We took the unscheduled trip to Georgia to fix Bruce's car and the bonus was to savor the extra family time!
 Unfortunately, Bill wasn't able to fix the car and they had to call for a tow truck.
 The good news is that the garage can fix it.........but for the record, we would have charged less!
This is how guys watch their car go...........
 When we went to the pool, the Autumn birds were flocking giving you a hint on the water temperature.
 It took the kids a few minutes to get used to the water (numb) but then they gave quite the water show when they got wet!  We loved being in the peanut gallery first hand for this!
 Abigail and Marsel took me to their local yarn store for an hour of tactile delight!  I found just what I was looking for-some superwash hand paint yarn from Cascade and then some different sock yarn!  (If you look closely to the left view of the bag, you will see Mindy's love bites on my pretty shopping bag!)
 We have learned to make good use of our time together so in between and around school time, we did some sewing-making a new cover for the porch swing with matching pillows;   made some soccer backpacks for the kids and then after the kids were in bed,
 we sat together and started the scalloped binding on Abigail's quilt  (FYI-this was late in the evg and we both look a bit punchy but cramming a week's worth of project into a day will do that to you!)
 I did some re-knitting, too-I brought the left over yarn from Marsel's sweater, ripped out the previous cap sleeve and reworked it to be a classic sleeve.  We both like it better!  I will be repeating this for my black sweater.  In fact, when I go to Washington in a few weeks, I will bring the yarn left from Krystle's sweater and while there, rework her's, too!
 Mindy helped us with every project we initiated-she is a perfect companion!
Goodbye, my Georgia family!  Thank you for a great few days!


  1. Sad about the car but at least your trip allowed for other things to get done!

  2. The togetherness was as wonderful as always! Thanks for buzzing up here to help...

  3. I think you guys should be renamed into "mobile rescue unit" :) lovely swing - porches like that don't exist over here, though I'd love to have one - and a swing like that!

  4. It's a shame about the car but at least you got time with your Georgian family that you weren't expecting! What a bonus!

  5. I love the quilt!! The colors make you just want to crawl up under it and be cuddled.

    That gray cat has some skinny legs!

    Nice swing cushions. You two work very well together, don;t you?


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