Friday, August 3, 2012

Wrapping it Up!

 The cursed shawl is finally in the finished pile!  Remember, I knit it to the edging the first time and the needles had been too small and the fabric was like armor!  Nothing for it but to rip out and knit on larger needles.........and then I ran out of yarn!  I had to spin some more and dye it, too!  I went with the dark blue to finish my gradations thing!  Looking at this now, you would never know the frustrations, would you?!
 On to simple knitting; I made two dishcloths-in garterlac, one with 8 stitches in the squares and the other with 7-I made two from one skein and the cats have the little ball that was left over!  These go in the gift pile.
 The repair crew showed up to remove the limb from our wires!  They were astonished that this wasn't a priority call since the branch was obviously charred and burning was a threat!  Oh, well, we kept the power and they got the branch off the wires!
 And they got the work done just before an afternoon of thunder storms!  It was a very nice rain.
I am working on the baby surprise jacket, a magical pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I am using commercial cotton yarn from the stash.


  1. That shawl is stunning! I love how the gradation flows down it. For all the frustrations you had with it, you have something beautiful to show for them.

  2. I love the way your shawl came out, it's gorgeous! Never thought of knitting a gradation while dyeing as you go (or dyeing and spinning), but it looks like it would be a geat experiment since you can change your mind and design along the way.

  3. love the shawl - and the colours! it was worth the effort of making more yarn to finish it! and the dishcloths are even darker than the last two I made:) DH thought it's better than light, because they don't look tired so quickly - I told him they wouldn't look tired so quickly if he didn't use them for all kinds of other jobs as well:)
    looking forward to some weaving pix now....

  4. That shawl turned out beautifully. No one would ever know the dramas involved!

    I'm glad the branch is finally off the power lines - thank God for His protection from the fire that could have occurred (or the further loss of power)!

  5. Wow, the shawl is doesn't reflect any of the angst that went into its creation!

    The picture of the rain is very cool.


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