Thursday, August 2, 2012

Endings and Beginnings

 I have finished the Hyacinth Cardigan -it is now blocking!  I do have to wait until I can purchase buttons to say it is all done though!  I have some more stash busting yarn to make another-it is just the right kind of sweater for the south!  This sweater is going to be gifted to my newest daughter-in-law as soon as the buttons are on-shhhhh!
 Millie's vintage blocks quilt is done, too.  I won't be loading another quilt right away as a friend needs to come next week and quilt a top she has made for her grandson!  It has a deadline and she is pushing the limits of time which just adds to the excitement!
 I quilted it with a Baptist fan variation.
And it is just as well I can't do any quilting this week as I have signed on to a woven towel exchange and need to get out of the weaving funk and get it done!   I have gotten the warp done-I have black and whited the picture because I am saving the real colors until I am finished!  (No peeking this way!)
How do you like my warping station?  It worked great and so much better than trying to sit on the floor and do this as in previous projects!  It also prevented an abundance of help from the cats!  I will be threading the loom today!  I need to figure out a way to raise it up for that-it might just go on my bed again!


  1. The sweater is pretty -- that daughter-in-law will look lovely in that color.

    The quilting is so beautiful -- it really fits the 'feel' of that quilt. You are outdoing yourself in the quilting category lately!

    Funny about the black-and-whiting -- when I saw the first picture, I was admiring the pearly gray color and didn't realize it was faked! :)

  2. Aw, man!!! I showed the color of the towel exchange warp!!! Not fair! :)

    I love that sweater. What a sweet gift.

  3. You have such a creative mind for problem solving!

    I'm sure DIL willlove the cardigan - made with love as it has been.

  4. Love the quilt and cardigan! Can't wait to see your weaving project in color:-)


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