Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hands and Heads

 I have been down with another head cold that turns toxic-well, leads to a sinus infection that feels toxic!  My activity level is seriously impaired.  I spun up this skein of pima cotton-400 yards of fingering weight yarn-just delicious even though it didn't behave well for the plying.  I did find that I had spun it at a lower ratio and that most likely accounts for the misbehavior. 
 The last bit of Isaac-down pours one minute and then sunshine the next.  Nice napping weather at least.
 I did finish the second Quant for my niece.  The package is ready to mail out to them just in time for soccer season!
See how pretty the sunset can be.........goodbye Isaac.  Thanks for the visit.

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  1. Hope you are feeling much better soon. Mine only lasted about 48 hours. It's raining right now so that should clear the residual smoke form the air.


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