Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Heirloom Baby Sewing

 This is a cute bonnet and booties set from a Martha Pullen sewing retreat I went to many years ago.  I still had all the supplies in a box so I enjoyed the fancy sewing for a change!
I assume the booties will fit for a week or so-the Minota foot size is legendary!
 The little bonnet has such cute details front and back!
 I include this little poem with the set, isn't it a neat idea?!
I am also chugging away on the Quant; I had used variegated yarn before so the 'sewing in the ends' for each row is growing a bit stale using the two solid colored yarns!  But I will persevere because I have one more to go after this one is finished!  I am sewing in the ends every four rows so I won't have a million to do when I am done with the knitting-I am trying to encourage myself with this anyway!


  1. Beautiful baby things. I love the little hat. What a clever idea to use on your wedding.

  2. What an awesome idea for a baby bonnet! And to be used as a hankie at her wedding 20 or so years from now... Brilliant!

    Don;t you just love Martha Pullen? I took a class from her down in Texas back in 2000 and she has us laughing so hard during her class. She is a wonderful story-teller!

  3. Love the little poem and the idea behind it. DD carried the same hanky I carried on my weeding day which was made especially for my big occasion and was kept for good - and so survived the 31+ years gap.

    Can you knit the ends in as you go?


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