Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Last Straw

 I moved the loom to the sewing room-so eager to get this project underway!
 Then it all went wrong, again and again.  I cut the 'end' loop in the middle-not the end which means the nice long warp that I made was not anymore.
I got everything threaded in the read but could get the tangles out.
I lost the tool for threading for an hour-Nyki was napping on it!
Four hours later I emitted a huge scream and gave up.  I have a loom for sale.  With all the tools of the trade.
I am no longer a weaver.  It is just not for me-I lose all my joy de vivre when I try to get this ready to weave!

No kidding-if you want to buy a Harrisville floor loom, 36" , 4 heddle/ 6 treadles, leave a comment-we will work out the details.

Off to do some knitting and get my blood pressure back to the normal range..............


  1. Oh dear! I feel your pain! What about the swap (or shouldn't I ask?)

  2. So there!!! Sometimes there is satisfaction in saying "been there, done that...don't have to do it again!"

  3. that's a pity - won't you give it another chance, maybe after a bit of a break? you could make fabric with it - and be a seamstress afterwards?:) dress and shawl look great together!


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