Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yarn and Fabric

 The buttons are on the Hyacinth cardigan!  Ready to mail it out!
 The next privacy cape is finished!  I have two more to make!
 I started a new project-a Quant, but since the yarn is only a fingering weight, I had to reconfigure the pattern and  my first attempt was a lesson in frogging!  (It is hard to gauge the width of entrelac-it is wider than you think!)
 I got it on the second try.  I will be making two of these for my nieces in their school colors!
 Another project in the finished bin.  This is the baby surprise jacket-it doesn't look like much when it is first bound off.
But with a few precise folds, it becomes a little cardigan!  I had pretty anchor buttons in the stash-just the right touch!  I knit this thinking  my youngest son's wife is carrying a boy-BUT the sonogram yesterday shows that it is a girl!  This sweater is going to a friend and I will be getting out the girly yarns!

2012 is going to be the year of GrandDaughters!!  What a blessing!


  1. Lovely finishes! I had assumed that baby surprise cardigan was for baby of the C's but we're the ones who got the surprise!!!

  2. I really like BSJ - such a clever pattern. I only wish my finishing technique was good enough to be seen along those arm seams! Yours looks great and you will have fun knitting another one (or more) in pretty colours.

  3. busy as usual:) but why can't a baby girl wear a nice blue cardie??? the baby doesn't care anyway, I am sure, as long as the yarn is soft and cozy.... I just found a pic of a baby cardie (not EZ) that I made years back out of handspun cotton balls, in shades of yellow, white, blue and pink.... my first cotton spinning, but I have to admit that cotton top is easier to spin - and softer, too!


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