Saturday, October 13, 2012

We Interrupt the Busies....

                             for some leisure time!   
We took a little trip to Cocoa Beach to spend a few days with our good friends.  Their condo is near the launching port for cruises so we had a constant flow of ships-very interesting to watch.  
The ocean worked its unwinding magic on our minds and bodies, too.
 I finished up some knitting on the way down.......I made these taller than usual but I wanted to use up all the yarn; I did.
 These are for Abigail-interesting how the pattern was different for each pair!  The yarn is sport weight and on #3 needles, they were both a quick knit.
And while at Cocoa Beach, I got in some good knitting time, too. This is knit with some hand spun Merino yarn        Can I just say that it was a wonderful few days.


  1. I'm trying to the inlet north of the Cocoa Bch. pier?

  2. So glad you had a great trip/visit.

    The knitting all looks wonderful! I love the variety of colors in the three projects.

  3. Sounds like just what you both needed!


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