Friday, October 5, 2012

Porch Sale and Stuff

 See the portable garage in the background?  Bill and I are emptying it to move it away from the living area of our yard.  We are going through all the stuff that is in it pretty much since we moved here almost 6 years ago!
 We now have more space than boxes!  Progress is slow and scary-think cock roaches, big ones and rats.....I point to the box and Bill checks it first then I empty it!
 Most of the stuff is just going to the dump.
 But some treasures are uncovered and beautiful!  A Howe treadle sewing machine.
 The rest of the treasures are going up for sale; like these four wooden chests.  We have a busy time in the morning and then the sales pretty much dwindle which is working out okay because we are still getting afternoon rains!  (this is why we are having a porch sale and not a yard sale!)
 I have finished the watermelon socks!  These will bring a whimsical smile this winter!
 I made this pumpkin block on one of my breaks from the sale.  I think I am going to make some more!  This is paper piecing at its simplest!
A new pair of socks are on the needles already-these are for Marsel.


  1. I didn't know that there are portable garages! though over here it would probably be to damp to use as storage anyway. the sewing machine was a real find, they do look so much nicer than the modern ones! don't envy you the rats etc - reminds me of our rat problem under the roof, which I don't want a repeat of!

  2. Your sewing machine is a real find. Beautiful!

    We have portable Amish made storage sheds and garages. Some are now being made large enough for small cabins. Bill thinks I have so much yarn and stuff I should get one of my own. To be truthful I'm thinking about it. It wouldn't look so messy in the back of my studio.

  3. We need to clear out after nearly 21 years here! WM has started but I find it hard to throw/give things away! There is always the chance that it might come in useful - some day!

    Your watermelon socks are so cute, and I like the colours in Marsel's new socks too!

  4. It must be the fall weather, but Scott and I have been cleaning things out like crazy - a lot of things are going up on ebay and Craig's List. We've been here 18 years and there are some boxes in the attic that haven't been touched since we put them there when we moved on. Yikes!

  5. Ah, the joy of de-cluttering!!!


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