Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Girl Day Celebration

 I had the most amazing day today!  Bill drove me to Cassandra's and then I went to her sonogram appointment.  Her Mom and sisters met us there and we had a whole peanut gallery oohing and aahing over this little one!    She is about 4lbs and 15" long now at 32 weeks..
 All the sisters.........
 And the grandmas!  (see all the girls reflected in the window behind us-funny!)
 We celebrated with a 'build your own ice cream' afterwards!  Those are chocolate rocks as topping on mine!  Hmmmmm, delicious!  And for the record, I slobbed one down the front of me and made a royal mess!  What a wonderful time!
 Some travel knitting-I am almost finished with the second pair of watermelon socks-no beads on this pair as it is for David!
I am so comfortable with the new wheel already-it is a delight to spin on!


  1. What a great day! That is a lot of femininity in one room -- even the baby is a girl!

    Those chocolate rocks are very cool. :)

  2. Aren't sonograms fab? Wish they'd had them in my child-bearing years. Couldn't relax until daughter popped out with all pieces in proper places.

  3. What a wonderful day to celebrate!

  4. A girl, I know what you will be knitting!
    Love these socks!

  5. Cassandra looks like her mum. My, she has a lot of sisters!

    Glad you all had a good day out! Ice-cream is one of my favourite treats too! It's 36*C (97*F) here today. I have a cold and a bowl of chocolate ice-cream with chocolate chips went down really easily!

  6. So, seedless watermelon socks. Got it! :)

    You are having babies popping up around you everywhere. It's a good thing that baby knits go fast, eh?

  7. more babyknitting coming up, I think:) looks like you had a fun time with all those girls in tow!
    no icecream here though - it's turned a bit fresh here, it's more like hot tea and waffle weather:)


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