Saturday, October 20, 2012

Parts of a Whole

 The kitties get as excited as I do when there is a new package!
 Can you guess what this is?
 This will give you some help!
 I set up the waxing and polishing station in my sewing room this morning and got to work (pleasure).
 Then this afternoon we had a wonderful visit , my brother, sis-in-law and nephew took a ride to see us!  So nice to have them share some of their vacation time with us!
 When they left, I finished the last of the spinning wheel assembly!  Isn't it a beauty?!
I sat right down and began to spin with some left over Peruvian wool roving for the test drive.  
Ahhhhhh, the wheel and I are friends right from the start!  I love the ascetics of this wheel but have longed to have the height of the orifice higher than it is with the Joy wheel.  Yes, this wheel just fits just right.


  1. Hooray! (on the visit and the spinning wheel!) :)

  2. You certainly look and sound like you enjoyed both the visit and the new wheel!

  3. I see one happy spinner:) and I like the very orderly look of your workroom (mine is still so far away:(). enjoy your new wheel!

  4. That wheel is a beauty! You look very happy spinning away in your light filled studio.

  5. Oh Congrats on the new wheel! It is sooo pretty and Travelers are great wheels. Now you just need to plan to come up to northern Indiana the last weekend in January and join us for our spinning retreat. And, yes, there will be snow, why do you ask? :)

  6. A Traveller! A lovely wheel to spin on.

  7. Such a beautiful wheel, glad you found one you love!


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