Wednesday, October 17, 2012


 A package of wool in the mail........
 opens to a delicious sheepish smell of unwashed wool!
 I put it right in to wash-this is only an 8 oz package so it fits on the stove.  It chases Bill out of the house but I like the smell!
 I laid it out to dry in my sewing room under the fan to dry as it was raining outside!
 The first two batts off the carder-such softness! (I am keeping the particulars of the fiber a secret until I have the project well under way-it will make sense later. ) I have a lot on my mind right now, the slow motions of working with the wool is very relaxing to me!
 I finished the mitts I was knitting-all the ends sewn in and ready to wear!  This one is a mystery wool-very soft so I think it was a lamb of a medium wool.
This is from some Merino I was gifted in the Spring.


  1. I bet the smell would be very strong but the carded results look well worth all the effort!

  2. I'm with Dad on the smell of cooking wool! I'm glad you are enjoying the soothing rhythms of working with it, though.

  3. funny, but I think most men (and kids) say the same about unwashed sheeps wool:) I still have 3 boxes to do here.....
    the wrist warmers look very cozy - the brown pair for crisp winter days and the "melon" coloured ones for those yucky grey days, where a bit of colour lifts your mood:)

  4. Not fair!!! I wanna know!

    Okay, I can be patient, but it looks lovely!

  5. Those sea-shell pink/melon "gloves" are beautiful!!

  6. hehehe! I recognize that mitten pattern. Love that you are using it:)


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