Saturday, May 18, 2013

All Good Things Draw to a Close......

I am back home now but thought I would do a proper conclusion to my Georgia visit.
 The official Mother's Day family picture-after church when David put his shirt back on-I am so demanding!
 Marsel and I refinished the wicker chair.........
 and it now graces her front porch!  What a face lift for the old girl.
 As our time together drew to a close, the kids and I packed as much activity as we could into our days.  David is showing me how he can climb to dizzying heights in their backyard.
 And he can do tricks on his bike down their driveway.
 Abigail got into the daredevil act and showed me how fast she can go down the driveway with only one hand!
 And she swings high all on her own now, too!
 I had brought along a project to do with the kids-a felted scarf kit.  It was a fun and delightfully messy hour!
 We even enjoyed some sunshine to dry them in no time!
 We laughed when I told the kids I would play Monopoly with them for 30 mins and then we ended up playing for hours!!!  We all reigned as wealthy landowners at different points in the game but Abigail was the richest when Marsel called a halt to our game!
 Mindy enjoyed playing with my yarn at the close of every day!
 My last night there, the kids took part in a student's concert at church; Abigail played a piece on the piano;
 David also conquered his selection on the piano.
 Then they took part in the violin selection.  (Marsel is cueing in the youngest violinist)
 Bill picked me up at the airport after another doctor's appointment......his feet are not healing as quickly as he has done in the past-both he and the doctor are frustrated.  After picking me up at the airport, we went out to eat by the ocean and did a very short pier walk-no beach walking for Bill yet!
 I did some reclaiming of home territory on Friday and then today had some play time.  I made the soap around my loofah slices.  I had bought this in GA hoping to make it with the kids but will make some more with them during our next visit!  I will be making many more of these to sell with my luxury face cloths.........they smell wonderful!
On the knitting front, I am finishing the second sock that got put on hold because I forgot the other skein of yarn !  It was a wonderful visit .   Home is a nice place to come back to...........


  1. Welcome home. Love the photos of what I know was a wonderful trip. I'm sorry to hear Bill is not healing as well as expected -- I wish him God-speed to recovery! We are away from next Friday and I am looking forward to '"our time" without the distraction of the Renovation Project!

  2. I had hand-on grandmother's too, and that has made wonderful memories for me, not to mention that I have experience in making all kinds of things from butter to quilts. You are a good grandmother!!

  3. Thank you again for a beyond-wonderful visit.

    The soaps turned out even prettier than I had anticipated -- can't wait to do that with you, too!


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