Friday, June 6, 2014

A Slight Ripple

 Wednesday I developed a migraine-the worst one I have ever endured.   The kind where you curl up and just ride the pain!  Matthew is out of town this week so Ashley called to ask if she and Will could come for a few days-needless to say, she nursed me through the day and it was wonderful to have the help!  I awoke a big slow on Thursday but much better and got to enjoy my grandson and daughter-in-law in a better frame of mind!
 Bill is finally cutting down the large Camphor tree in the front yard.   It has been a long and tedious project.
 He notched the big half of the tree so it would fall in the driveway and not hit any of the flowers!
 Then he climbed up to the other side for the final cut!
 It made a big boom and Will was duly impressed!
 After Bill cut up the fallen wood,
 Will got to help carry them away!
 When he wasn't on the tractor or in the pool, he was busy playing.  He is finally entertaining himself which is lovely for everyone!
Ashley took to the new glass projects quite well!   She was fearless and had lots of ideas.   She would find something she liked from Pintrest and make it happen!   We had a fun few days-she is off to meet Matthew as he is due home tonight!


  1. oh no, you're getting hit from all sides! I hope you're better soon, it's debilitating to be in so much pain:(
    and the glass projects look lovely - I think you can start selling them soon, gorgeous colours!

  2. "Get Well" thoughts coming your way!! I'm glad you had such good help. The quilt is wonderful and I am just loving the glass works!

  3. Sorry about the migraine...glad the visit could be a bright spot in the midst, though.

    Boy + tractor and power tools = happiness!!!

  4. So sorry about the pain. I know how that feels. It is so bleak. The baby is a blessing.

  5. So, does a camphor tree smell like mothballs?

    I am really sorry about the migraine headache. I have had a couple of bad ones several years ago, and I hope I never have one again. Let's hope you don't have any more either.

  6. Love and cuddles are the best antidote to pain.


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