Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Little Trip

 Bill, Caleb and Matthew shared an early morning free pass at a local golf club so we trucked up to Amelia Island for a visit.  Caleb took us down the road for a bit to a beach with a high sand dune.   This is not the usual type of Florida beach geography!  It is 60' high and protected from explorers!
 The beach was a bit overcast by evening (when we went) and just right for me now!
It is breath taking or lung clearing to breathe in the salty air and clear your head.  I know I say it every time but it is therapeutic!
 This house was right by the beach access;  I love it!  I would love to stay here for the month of September.......
 It looked like a cross between a space ship and an Art Deco transplant!  A Poirot mystery could take place here any minute!
 The sun setting behind the dunes was pretty spectacular also.
 This cloud just raised up and blocked the sun for a long time.
Caleb still rocks at finding the shark's teeth!   I found zero.....
 But a rainbow came out and that was beautiful to behold!
Since it was after hours for the life guards, Ella offered to supervise!
Goodbye until next time beach!  (See the Fall colors?  It does happen here , it is just subtle!)
 After beach time, we went for ice cream!  Yes, Ella knows how to tackle this all by herself!
I shared the bench with this newly hatched chameleon-he is about 2" long.  Very cute!
When we got back to Caleb's house, I pulled out my knitting.   Ella was very interested and enjoyed pulling out my yarn from the ball and using the cable needle to try and 'knit' herself.  I explained I was knitting a sock.  
 She understood that and when her Mom gave her her own ball of yarn to play with she applied it to first my sock and then to grandpa's foot-she was very intensely focused.  It was great.   I will be knitting WITH her in a few years!


  1. Grandma o Gorman,s love of ice cream is passed on again!

  2. Well, not the whole month of September, because I have dibs on you for the latter part!! :)

    So neat to see a rainbow over the that a first?

    Hooray for passing yarn-love on to another granddaughter!

  3. I have no doubt that she can tackle that ice cream:) I don't know many kids, who wouldn't... and the beach looks inviting, I esp. like the huge cloud formations!

  4. It won't be a few years before she'll want to help. Both my grandsons (aged 4 and 3) want to help now. Older Grandson helps to put the needle into the stitch and winds the yarn round the needle; Younger Grandson helps pull the left needle out! They both also like to help with sewing!


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