Thursday, September 11, 2014

Antique Shopping

I got out the graph paper for working out another pattern on a pair of socks for Marsel.   The yarn is Hawthorne Fingering from KnitPicks in Nob Hill.  I wanted to stick with the strip plan but I am moving it toward the center so I can try Cat Bordhi's sweet tomato heel on this pair!  It is a good brain exercise for the morning.  Then Bill and I decided to go to an Antique Mall near here which Loree told me about.
 She said they have an old skein winder that you would probably want.  Oh, she was so right!
It stands about 42" tall and is in perfect working order!  I'm very excited.
Especially since it is the same color and age as the antique Walking Wheel I already own!
 Another find from there was this Melmac wood grain-look bowl of a completely different century!
When I saw it, I knew it was going to be a yarn bowl for me! Oh, yes, it works perfectly!
 Isn't that just the thing to keep a kitty or two from swiping your ball of yarn!
 I bought this non-antique but just right teal colored vase for my table.
 A carnival glass hen for the buffet in my golden dining room.
A bamboo screen / room divider for when my sewing room has to double for a bedroom with everyone here!  Bill set it up around the water system for me so he says he doesn't have to put up the closet as promised..........ha, it won't work but thanks for the idea!  Bill is amazing to get all this in the car for the ride home!  (our car is a Yaris sedan-think small car!)
 After all the shopping, we went to lunch just down the road at The Three Bananas on Crescent Lake.  The weather was perfect;  we ate on their deck and just soaked up the view.
This is the public boat ramp next to the restaurant where we launch our boat.  The day was just too perfect.  I enjoyed this day-date very much!


  1. Looks like a lovely day-date...just what the Dr ordered.

    I like all of your treasures,but that bowl is especially gorgeous!

  2. How did I miss that bowl!? Lol! Glad you snagged it. The winder is awesome, right? Knew you'd like it.

  3. You are going to LOVE your yarn winder! Does it click? Mine clicks every 40 rotations marking 80 yards. It gets used all of the time and I would never give it up.

    So, what was your wooden bowl supposed to be if not a yarn bowl?

  4. Who-wee! Great finds at the antique market! And what a great place to eat lunch!


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